Shva Choir

The Shva Choir was established in 1991. The choir features children from the Ethiopian Jewish community and is living proof that music can serve as a bridge between peoples and cultures, as a source of positive self-image, and as a pathway to social inclusion.  

In 2010, the SHVA Choir established a nonprofit organization to extend its vision of promoting, nourishing and merging Ethiopian and Israeli cultures, while fostering the values of teamwork and excellence in the young singers the choir serves.

The SHVA Choir’s educational work takes place in Ethiopian communities throughout Israel, including the Technoda in Hadera/Givat Olga, cities of Ramla and Or Yehuda and Aliya center in Beer Sheva. Most of the kids are 3rd to 8th graders. We are aiming to build now news groups of high school age and beyond.

All choirs are taught by top musicians – some are members of the Ethiopian community and other teachers from the leading teachers in Israel.

The SHVA Choir, takes in addition to music, a special care of involving the young generation in growing their self esteem through performance, music appreciation, general enrichment in other aspects of arts, science, national institutes of Jewish heritage and social developments.

Songs performed by the SHVA Choir were written, composed, and arranged especially for the voices and rhythms of these wonderful children.
during the last years we take special care of involving the kids in writing their own lyrics and melodies and help them produce a quality line of songs they can identify with.

Other repertoire includes Ethiopian rhythms and melodies brought over by the children and their families, traditional Jewish music, and original songs specially composed, arranged and commissioned by and for the SHVA Choir.

The first album was released in May, 1993, and ever since the Choir has performed in the USA and Canada, Mexico, many European countries (including the Vatican), and all over Israel. The SHVA Choir is now aiming and preparing a new album to be produced and released during 2021.

To learn more about the Choir, the educational program or to book the Choir for future performances, contact our CEO  Mr. Uri Zur or +972-54-5795120


SHVA Choir is made possible by the voluntary efforts of many and by the financial contributions of a small but committed group of supporters as well as the ministry of education and culture. Please help if you can.  Donations in Israel can be wired to SHVA Choir’s at

Bank Hapoalim (bank code 12), Branch code 616, account Nr. 521581, IBAN: IL29-0126-1600-0000-0521-581.

In the USA, citizens can donate according to the USA law through PEF-Israel (Tax ID# 13-6104086) according to the following information :

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